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Today in Quarantine Part 3...

Hello everyone! :) I hope that each of you is doing well, and that you're making your mental health a priority.

I mentioned yesterday that my family has a calendar of fun activities that we've planned to keep us busy during our quarantine period. Today, I wanted to share that list of activities we came up with so that if you like any of them, you can take the ideas for your household, or maybe even spice them up and make them your own! If you try any of the ideas below, I'd love to hear about how they turned out! If you have ideas that you don't see on my list, I'd really like to add more to our list, so let me know!

1- Build a giant fort in the living room

2- Go geocaching in a remote area while maintaining proper social distancing- more info on geocaching here

3- Paint night with reality television

4- Harry Potter marathon

5- Draw out coloring sheets for each other and then color them in

6- Uno! tournament

7- Follow along with a Bob Ross paint video

8- Bake along with a cooking/baking show

9- Extreme hide and seek

10- Paint night where we pick out each others color.

11- Do a puzzle

12- Poker tournament, gambling with either candy or coins

13- Put blankets in our blow up pool (sans water) and read a book in it outside

14- Gourmet PB&J making competition

15- 80s photo shoot

Also- for Easter, we've decided to take our egg hunt idea from Bob's Burgers, one of our favorite shows. Matt and I will be hiding eggs in difficult to find locations around the house. Each egg will be labeled with a "B" for Bella or a "M" for Matt. The last egg found will indicate the person who is best at hiding eggs, me or Matthew. What is your family doing for Easter?

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