It’s been eight years since the boy I crushed on in high school became a memory for me, yet seeing him brought all those old feelings rushing back as if it had been yesterday.Too bad the timing is shit and I can’t trust his lifestyle any more today than I could back then. Too bad I had to trust my life to part of his lifestyle, because I was in trouble. Big trouble. Huge trouble. I was in the type of trouble that gets people dead, or worse. Yes, there was a worse, it came with what they would do to me before the dead part.I’d witnessed my best friend’s rape.I’d testified against the man who had done it.Unfortunately, half his family ran this town by planting themselves firmly in local business, government, and law enforcement positions. The other half ran a criminal underground organization that catered to running drugs, guns, and girls to those who could pay. I stepped in it deep by trying to protect my friend who didn’t stick around afterward to have my back. Now, the only person I can trust is the one I flat out do not trust with my heart. My heart may just be the price I end up paying for my life though.

I wanted her back then, but knew I wasn't good for her.Now, she needs me. She needs my club. There won't be any going back once we get started.Mica will be mine like she should have been from the beginning.

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