Full Size - LE November Box

Full Size - LE November Box

Artikelnummer: FullNovBox

The full-size, limited edition, November Box Preorder! There are only 40 boxes available at this level and they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis!

Box includes: 

  • A signed limited edition paperback of Smoke & His Flame. This book is a special edition paperback that combines Redemption Weather, Smoke and the Flame, and a little bit extra!
  • *LE Smoke & His Flame Post It Notes
  • *LE Smoke & His Flame Pen
  • *LE Smoke & His Flame Bookmarks
  • *LE Smoke & His Flame Post Card (plus bonus Aces High MC - Cedar Falls coloring post cards)
  • *LE Smoke & His Flame Sticker
  • *LE Smoke & His Flame Button
  • *LE Smoke & His Flame Magnet
  • *LE Smoke & His Flame 15 oz Mug
  • Shipping Info.

    Ships out by Nov. 30th (depending on Amazon delivery of the limited edition books).

    *There are parts of the world we are unable to ship to right now (including South Africa) due to COVID. Please check your country's shipping exclusions prior to purchase.
    ** Any customs fees, duties, or taxes due are the buyer's responsibility!


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