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Trust. It was something I didn't do anymore. There was one person I trusted beyond measure, and this time, he wasn't there to help me. I was going to have to put my faith, my life, in the hands of the people who had failed me so miserably for most of my life. I didn't have a choice because his life was the one on the line now. I needed him back at any cost. Even if that meant I'd have to rely on them.

We had a few good years before it all went sideways. When I realized why I was taken, I knew that even if I got out of there, I might still lose her forever.  There was no way she would forgive me for this, even if everything wasn't as it seemed. 

I had already failed her as a father. Coming out of retirement was the only option though. I couldn't go back and make her childhood right, but I could make sure she got her happily ever after, or I'd die trying. 


Double D

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I died 11 years ago. 

Yeah, you read that right.

My name is Toby Brothers, otherwise known as T-Bone to my club brothers, also known as the dead man to everyone. 

So what am I doing back in the land of the living? 

I'm here to clean up everyone else's mess and keep a promise I made so long ago- to protect Ever.

And I'm here for her. She's the angel in their midst. She's everything. 

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