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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a lot of the same questions asked of us often. In order to make things easier on everyone, we are going to try to have most of them answered here:

E-Books Purchased from Moonlit Dreams Publications Directly

Q: I use the Kindle App on an iPhone or Apple Device. How do I upload/download my purchased ebook to the app on my device?


Step one - purchase the e-book!

Step Two - click on the download link (available on the receipt page that pops up after purchase. You should also get an e-mail with the download link).

Step Three - The book will default to your device's reading app on download. For iPhone/iPad users, this means that the book will most likely open in your iBooks app. You can start reading from here, if you like. If you want to read it via your Kindle app, you need to do the following: 

1: Go to your downloads folder (if you don't know how, use your iPhone's search bar and type in "downloads". You should see the downloads folder and click on it). 

2: Locate your book file in the downloads folder. Click and hold on the book until a menu appears, then click on "Share". The first line of icons are your contacts, the second line are apps you can share with. Scroll through the apps until you see the Kindle App and click on it. You will see a page that says "Send to Kindle" at the top. Here, you will need to add the author's name (possibly the book title too) Make sure "save in Kindle" is toggled on and then click on send.

3: Now, go to your Kindle App. Open the "library" tab. Click on the filter icon (looks like three lines each with a dot in some portion of the line). When the filter menu opens up, click on "Docs". Your newly downloaded book should be the first DOC file you see. The cover will not appear until you click on the book to open it for the first time.Once you click on it, the file fully downloads to your app on that device and you may open it and read.



Q: I use the Nook or Kobo (or other app that accepts epub files) on an iPhone or Apple Device. How do I upload/download my purchased ebook to the app on my device?

A: Follow the above directions for downloading/uploading to a Kindle App on the iPhone, and when you get to Step Three, #2, you will send it to your preferred reading app, rather than the Kindle App.

Step Three, #3 for Nook: Simply open your Nook App, click on "All Titles", and you should see your newly downloaded book without any further steps necessary.


Q: Where have the mobi files gone for Kindle?
A: Amazon has switched to supporting Epub files and they are doing away with the mobi file format. As a result, our website will no longer carry the mobi files. If you previously purchased a mobi file, it will still work on your Kindle App. 


Moonlit Dreams Extras Subscription

Q: How much does a subscription cost?

A: $5(USD) per month for the Extras Membership.

Q: When will the subscriptions be available?

A: The service will become available in January 2023. 

Q: What if I paid for a subscription, but then decided I didn't want it. Can I get a refund?

A: Refunds are not available, at any time, for the subscription service.

  • The main reason for the paid subscription is to help protect copyrighted material from people who would steal and pirate it.

  • You immediately have access to an e-book and extra content, worth more than the monthly subscription fee, and we assume you used the materials as intended, and therefore do not offer a refund.

  • You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time, without being questioned.

Q: What does the Extras Membership include?

A: The subscription includes the following:

  • 1 e-book ($3.99 or less) each month.

  • 1 signed paperback for every six consecutive paid months of subscription membership.

  • Access to: never before published bonus scenes, short stories, and novellas from your favorite book worlds by Christine M. Butler, Christine Michelle, and Anne Storm. A weekly author read-along, where the author narrates several chapters of a chosen book (via audio or video means). Once the book is nearly finished, you will get a choice of which book is next. Participation in the Write Me a Novel Project, where the reader gets to choose key components of the story as it is written. The novel for 2023 is Make Me Burn (a firefighter romantic suspense with a twist).

Q: Can I share the bonus scenes (or other materials) with my friend who doesn't have a subscription?

A: No! All materials available via subscription are copyright protected and can not be copied (by any means, electronically or otherwise), reprinted, or redistributed in any way. You may also not share your coupon codes or special links to free books. The email address used for your subscription service must be linked to the coupon codes and special download links. If you are caught giving away any information, codes, copyrighted materials, etc. from the subscription service, you will be banned, blocked, and face possible criminal and civil litigation.



Q: Who can create and comment on the website's forum?

A: Anyone who signs in as a member.

Q: Are there rules for using the forum?

A: You can find the forum rules by CLICKING HERE!

Q: Can I post about books I read that are not published by Moonlit Dreams Publications?

A: Of course! We love to learn about new books too. Writers are also readers! As long as you aren't spamming advertisements, and instead are engaging in discussion about the books, we have no problem with it.



Q: When is the next book coming out?

A: We do not sit on books when they are finished being produced. This means we give anticipated release dates, and as soon as they are ready, they are uploaded. An anticipated release date means something may happen that affects it and results in an earlier or later release. Sometimes, the companies providing your e-books to you are slower than normal with the publication process and this is also out of our hands. 

Q: Why isn't the audiobook being released at the same time?

A: This is a two-part answer:

Part one: We do not sit on books when they are finished being produced. As a result, we don't have the final copy of the book until it's ready to be published which means that we cannot give our manuscript to a narrator until that point. We could hold the e-book back to wait the 1-4 months of production time for the audiobook, but we would rather not. 

Part two: Audiobooks are expensive to produce, and we use the e-books to gauge if it will be cost effective to do so. IF the e-book performs well enough in the first month we will start the process with audiobook production. If that sounds somewhat harsh, then just remember, we are Independent authors who must make tough business decisions in order to keep paying the bills while we write that next book!

Q: Can I purchase a signed paperback from you?

A: Yes, you can. There are two ways to do so. 

ONE: You can come to a book singing that we are attending

TWO: You can purchase them from the signed book sales we host on this website. They usually occur in March and September, but special sales may pop up in between.

Q: I saw merchandise that someone posted from you (from a signing or giveaway) and wondered if those items were for sale anywhere?

A: We do offer a few pieces of merchandise for sale! 

There will be merchandise that is sold ONLY on our APP (when it becomes available), but you can also purchase other items by visiting our Tee-Spring store here!

Or you can visit our Zazzle store here!

Q: Okay, but seriously, when is the next book coming out?

A: As quickly as we can possibly get them out without compromising the integrity of the stories that we're telling. 

Q: Will you be attending a book signing near me?

A: Event listings will be back up soon.

Q: Do you have a newsletter so I can sign up for updates?

A: We sure do. At the bottom of every page of the website you will see the newsletter sign up form. We encourage you to fill it out, if you have not already! We try to keep newsletters to once per month, but if something special pops up, then we may add an extra one during the month, but you should never receive any more than that.  

Q: I signed up for the newsletter, but haven't received anything yet.

A: You should have received a quick welcome note when you signed up. If you did not, check your spam folder to see if there is anything from us here at If so, add that email to your contacts list so it won't go to spam again.

If you did receive the welcome note, but haven't received an actual news letter yet, that's probably because we haven't sent a new one for the month yet. ;) We also announce on Facebook when we put newsletters out, so that is a good way to check to see if you missed one. If you still feel like something went wrong, please, contact us in one of the ways listed below at the bottom of the page so we can get it sorted for you. 

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