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Redemption Duology (Boxed Set)

Redemption Duology (Boxed Set)

The Aces High MC - Cedar Falls Series Books 1 & 2 in a boxed set.



We had a bright future ahead of us, and the world was ours for the taking.
Then the storms started coming.
First, there was the one that took my family.
Then, there was the one that took my husband.
That's how I ended up in Cedar Falls, and that's how he found me on my doorstep. If only the past would let go of us so that we could be happy.



She burned so brightly that I became the ash at her feet before rising in her arms as a new man. A better man. A biker, firefighter, brother, uncle, father, and hers forever.


*If you previously purchased Redemption Weather and Smoke and the Flame separately, there is no need to purchase the box set! (Buying the boxed set vs individual books saves you $2.99!)


These books are meant for adult readers.


Sensitive Reader Warning: Sex, violence, strong language, infertility, pregnancy, infidelity (not by main characters), arson, car accident and more possible sensitive topics/triggers! If you are a sensitive reader, these books might not be for you!

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